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Our current line up of DJ's on WHNJ 109.9

Tune us in on Tune-in Radio HD1 & HD2 8 days a week  
(We do music like it use to be played).

Hank "Music" Hayes   
Smokin out the number one hits in style baby!
Mike Phlagg!   
Watch Mike whip out his Thingamajig every Thursday!
Andy Mack   
Your #2 choice for fun and entertainment after hours
Carousel of fun   
The fun never stops here on WHNJ, join the Carousel of entertainment Saturday evening
Jim Nazium   
Catch Jim 4 nights a week playing the hits for the Kids
Ace Dealer  
Ending your week with great tunes every Sunday
Jill Bali   
Shake n Bake, Wednesday's & Saturday evenings
Pete Sayek
When you think of Wednesdays, you think of Pete Sayek!
Rockin Robin   
Starts off Friday evenings live from the Bat Cave!
Tommy Edison   
knocking the hits outta the ball park every Monday evening

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